Marketing for Moms: Mother’s Day Is the Second Most Popular Gifting Holiday


Wow, Mother’s Day is big business! Do you have your Mother’s Day plans sorted? Do you get a rest on Mother’s Day? Or do you spend it looking after your own mum or mum in law?

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You can be late with our birthday present, but don’t fool around on Mother’s Day.  Research from Unity Marketing shows that Mother’s Day is ranked the second most popular gifting holiday after Christmas.  It’s estimated that consumers will be spending $18.6 billion for someone special on Mother’s Day. Individual consumers expect to spend an average $152.52 on the holiday compared to $140.73 in 2011.

The Mother's Day Gift Givers in My Family

NRF reports that of the 86.5% celebrating Mother’s Day this year, nearly 65% will shop for their mom or stepmom, while others will buy gifts for their wife (22.4%), daughter (10.5%), grandmother (8.2%), sister (8.4%), friend (7.6%) or godmother (2.1%).

And here is another bit of good news for Moms:  Chocolate and other consumables are some of the most popular and fastest growing categories for Mother’s Day gifts.  What’s not growing?  Greeting cards are seeing a bit of a decline, even though NRF reports that…

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