The Smartie Sandwich – evil or genius?

Is this what I will put in Miss Nearly Three's lunchbox? Probably not

The Daily Telegraph has reported today that there are calls for an overhaul of school lunchboxes in the UK because one kid went to school with a smartie sandwich.

Clearly this is not ideal.  Except maybe for the child involved.  However, I am pretty sure that Miss Nearly Three isn’t ever going to get the ‘herb crusted chicken wraps’ I see as healthy lunchbox ideas advertised in women’s magazines.

Here’s what I think could be done to make it easier for mums to provide healthier lunches. 

1. Stop judging parents who go with the quickest option that their kid is happy to eat. 

2. Provide flexible working hours so mums who have to commute and start at 9am every day aren’t under so much pressure to find quick and easy options.

3. Teach kids to make their own damned lunches as soon as possible.  I’m working on Miss Nearly Three.  Without success I might add.  Although she rather enjoys licking the margarine from her (plastic) knife and sticking it back in the tub.   Delightful.

As an aside,  I’m pretty sure there are dads out there who make school lunches.  My dad used to make mine a long time ago.  Is there a secret movement of dads making school lunches across the land?  I hope so.

6 responses to “The Smartie Sandwich – evil or genius?

  1. My very manly corporate husband has quickly learned the new (and best) way to my heart…… creating two perfectly formed lunchboxes. The joy that fills my heart as I open the fridge each morning. Mornings are not my thing. So now instead of trying to get breakfast down the little daring, doing emergency hemming and homework (missed the night before in favor of that much needed glass of wine ) while making a “healthy’ lunch, I am enjoying a fresh coffee with my muesli while catching up on the latest news and weather before heading off to work. This one small act of kindness is definitely a better strategy that you should try in your household. Afterall, men are (often) the best sandwich makers.

  2. I make a vegemite sandwich for lunch for my 3 year old every day (I would alternate with peanut butter – but no nuts are allowed at preschool). So far, so good!

  3. There is also a lot to be said about overcoming the guilt about not making lunches so much as buying a bunch of healthy pre-made options and sending the little ones with that. There are a lot of cool things like hummus and crackers, frozen yogurt tubes, baked crispy green beans, banana chips and fruit and vegie puree pouches that can fill a lunch box without any preparation….

    • Very good points Amanda. I should have said – I do not actually endorse the Smartie sandwich! Apart from anything else, treats are for when you, as we call it in our house, play your Ace. If you provide them for lunches, what do you do to encourage toddlers to behave in a restaurant?
      And let’s face it, all your ideas look like *less* work than laying out all those smarties in a row on the bread..

  4. Juliet is right. In our house Dad now makes a better lunch box than I do these days and he still finds time to be creative and write cute notes. I think working Mum’s who have a Dad’s or grandpa making lunch boxes are truely lucky.
    Every little kindness like this makes a working family function more smoothly.
    It also gives me the time to do the laundry, check the bags and sign school notes.

  5. My Hubby is in charge of all kitchen duties (he figured out early on someone had to be!) and fortunately that includes lunches. He is WAY more indulgent than I am, and whips up whatever culinary delight our cherubs request. Ihave learned to leave them all to it. Me, I am more of the vegemite sandwich brigade.

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