Happy Valentine’s Day – the results are in!

The results are in!

One in ten of you think Valentine’s Day is stupid.   But many more of you would like a nice meal out with your partner or hubby.

Only two people voted for a meal out with the hubby and kids.  I’m guessing your kids aren’t toddlers.

I especially loved the write in answers.  Here’s a sample.

  • For him to cook dinner AND do the dishes afterwards
  • sleep in, massage, peace and quiet
  • a hand written letter
  • Non tangible displays of love eg recognition, feeling appreciated

Good ideas all.  And my news?  Well, it wasn’t what I voted for but it was a great choice – Grease *and* Grease 2 on DVD.  

My husband  absolutely hates those movies, but he knows I love them, daggy as they are.

The best part of my morning was Miss Nearly Three opening her four little hearts of chocolate and working out which of her friends will receive them.  I expect by the time we see any of these friends they will all be safely in her tummy.  But don’t worry Oliver, Zamarah and Sebastian – she was thinking of you today!

Thanks for your votes.  Are you surprised by the results?

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Kirsten x

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