Some weeks need a health warning

By Friday, I’m usually exhausted.  This week, I may have set a new record.  Things that have made me tired this week include:

Miss Nearly Three learning new ways to ‘push the boundaries’.  

Yes, I realise this is developmental.  I get that she’s learning how to be a person. I *know* that three year olds can be even worse than two year olds and four year olds are a Whole Other Story.  I understand she’s testing me and it’s-just-a-stage-and-she-will-get-over-it.

But, please, can her latest methods *not* involve unspeakable acts with poo??

Mums will know the kind of thing I’m talking about. Those who are not will already think I’ve overshared.

Being a single mum for three nights.                                                         I have several single mum friends and they are all awesome.  After three nights without my husband to tell me that it’s-just-a-stage-and-she-will-get-over-it and “Woah, exactly how much medicinal chocolate do you really *need* there??”, I conclude my single mum friends are even more awesome than I had originally thought.

Worrying about other people
I visited a friend in a cardio ward yesterday.  She’s the kind of friend who came to my house when I was having a single mum week with a tiny baby, cooked me roast beef, did the dishes and left really early so I could get a good night’s sleep.  Yesterday, I turned up with grapes. It didn’t really feel like enough.
Another friend lost his mum this week, and I’m off to the funeral this afternoon. Hugs are all I can think of.
Work is crazy
I realised this morning than when all my headspace is used up thinking of new strategies to overcome the latest it’s-just-a-stage-and-she-will-get-over-it period, I forget all of the work stuff I need to do.  And comes back at 4am.*
The list gets intimidatingly long, and I start making lists of “If I don’t get these three things done the world will end, and everything else can wait til next week.”  At 4am.
Things that will help this weekend include:
1. Reading Mrs Woog.  She always makes me laugh and sometimes makes me cry.
2. Some sunshine and exercise – scheduled for tomorrow morning.
3. A nice bedtime story at 7:30 which will help me forget certain unspeakable acts and remember how great being a mum can be.
4. A glass of wine, scheduled for 7:45pm.
Have a great weekend!
*This post drafted at 4am as a work avoidance technique!

4 responses to “Some weeks need a health warning

  1. I know exactly how you feel, having had many of those weeks, and I want to give you a cuddle!

  2. Mum definitely needs a cuddle 🙂
    I hope little Miss Nearly Three redeemed herself over the weekend…
    Things that made me tired last week?
    – Teaching Little Miss 8 Months how to ‘self-settle’…
    – 2 mins.. pat on the bum….
    – 4 mins….I want to pick her up….The guilt felt whilst implementing said ‘self-settle’ techniques..
    – 8 mins…Pat, pat, pat..sshhh shhh ssssh…Wondering what is the point of said techniques…
    – 10 mins… the neighbours must think I’m torturing her…
    Pat, pat, pat, sssh sssh shhh…. of course, I pick her up. She clings on and is content.
    Put back down.
    – 20mins …. boob would have solved this half an hour ago…
    – Asleep… what? maybe this will actually work?…
    – 35mins…. there she goes again… time to re-settle… start at point one above..
    Well, I can report that one week later, there has been some improvement. Night time is MUCH better. But what do you know, it’s 10:40am.. I need to go in and re-settle now.
    But we wouldn’t change it for the world.
    Have a wonderful week.

  3. Thank you both for the e-cuddles! After a weekend, some sleep and some sunshine things are looking a lot better 🙂

  4. Wine always helps! x

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