Poll on part time work – closing soon

Lots of mums have already voted, but this poll will close soon so please have your say.

Tell us what you need in terms of part time work and results will be published next week.  For the new readers of Working Mums Australia, welcome!

You may also enjoy the series on part time work where mums shared their experiences and preferences.  Links below.

Have a great weekend!


One response to “Poll on part time work – closing soon

  1. Part time work? I could only wish to survive on such a thing!!! I have 50/50 care of my children( 1 week with me, 1 week with their dad). I have a boring job, 21hrs the week with my children, 55hrs the week they are with their father. I am told I am lucky – my employers allow me to do these hours, we have a 4 week roster so my hours add up to a full time job. If I had my children full time, There is no way I would be able to have a full time job. But when I say my life revolves around my children – I mean it!!! Wasn’t aware of this site before today, good to see. 🙂

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