Seven things mums can do to save the world (that won’t take extra time or money!)

Today’s guest post is from Anna Minns, who runs the Daily Lime.  You can find out more about her amazing efforts to protect our environment, and sign up to her easy to follow tips here.

As a mum of 2 small boys I often wonder (and worry) about what kind of natural environment they will inherit. I wanted to know more about the kind of things I could and should do to be kinder to the environment.

At first I was totally overwhelmed with information about global warming and climate change, which was sobering and depressing – I started to think that perhaps ignorance was bliss.

I found this was the experience of a lot of my friends. When I started to talk about the environment I noticed their eyes would glaze over, and they would shrug their shoulders and say “what can I do about it anyway”. So, I decided to do some research and I discovered there are hundreds of things we can all do everyday to tread a bit more lightly on the planet.

In order to be “green” there is a perception that you must have cold showers, a diet of tofu and quinoa, wear hessian clothes and live in a house made of recycled tyres.

So I set about putting together a list of ‘tips’ of all the things that anyone can do to have a greener lifestyle, without sacrificing the things that they love. I wanted to create a simple guide for (mums especially) who are busy with work, family and just living, to make small incremental changes that are easy, money-saving and fun!

The tips are about reducing energy and waste, reusing, recycling and all things green. I hope you are inspired to subscribe and give some of them a go!

1. Get Swapping: kids clothes

Don’t you hate it when your discover an adorable jumpsuit in the bottom drawer that you’d forgotten about and now it’s too late, because your little one is now not so little! Do the sustainable thing – and get swapping! You can keep your children’s wardrobes fresh and funky as your babies grow by trading your quality pre-loved clothes online – or you can purchase designer label gear at a fraction of the retail cost.

2. Join a toy library

Sometimes, when you’ve got little kids, it seems like you might drown under a sea of brightly-coloured plastic toys. And despite the best of intentions, those plastic toys appear to breed. But there is a way to reduce the amount of fluro-plastic in your life, save money, and save on landfill, too!

3. Buy a quality winter coat

It is estimated that 30 to 40kg of clothing per person is sent to landfill each year because of so called ‘fast fashion’. We all need a comfy coat to get us through the winter months. Selecting quality over quantity is the way to go to take a load off the earth. If you invest in a well-made coat now it will last you for years to come, so you will be saving money in the long run.

4. Too many toys? Get swapping

The average household in Australia with kids has over 100 toys. Do you suffer from regular toy invasions? An annual toy swap can be great fun, reduce the use of resources, and free up your hard-earned cash and storage space!

5. Sharing your stuff on Open Shed

The average power drill is used for 12-13 minutes in its lifetime! Stuff. It’s everywhere. Filling up our cupboards, our garages, under our beds, even in our roof spaces. And most of it is hardly ever used. The best way to enjoy all the latest must-have gadgets, toys and tools and get the most value out of our own stuff is to get sharing through

6. Recycling mattresses

It’s hard to know what to do with our old mattresses, so most of us throw them out – they are the most common item put out at local council collections. But mattresses contain lots of valuable materials, like steel, timber and foam – which is all recyclable!

7. Replace your air freshener with a house plant

Many air ‘fresheners’ are actually air pollutants. Most contain nasty chemicals like phthalates and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). If you want to clean out the pollutants and toxins in the air and deodorise your home, get some house plants! Don’t just take my word for it – NASA found that they are great at filtering the air!

Anna Minns

More about Anna’s project and signup to the Daily Lime is here.

3 responses to “Seven things mums can do to save the world (that won’t take extra time or money!)

  1. I love this! Have bookmarked to mention it sometime, somewhere. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Anna for sharing these super useful green efforts which we could all contribute bit by bit in order to strive towards a cleaner and more environmentally-friendly earth. What I have done at home is basically reducing, reusing and recycling. Those processes comprise of mostly storage containers like milk bottles, cartons, plastic bags and so on. We might see that our efforts are just minimal and will not do any good, but in the long run when all adds up, it will be one gigantic beneficial team effort.

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