Which is tougher – pregnancy or motherhood?

Mums to be expect to enjoy a glowing pregnancy but the reality is fatigue, information overload and a sagging sex life, according to this report from Lisa Power  in the Daily Telegraph today

Ladies, wait til that kid gets born!

According to the report, 60% said fatigure was the hardest to deal with.

I can’t imagine what the other 40% said.

My theory is that pregnancy fatigue is nature’s way of getting you ready for months, perhaps years, of sleep deprivation.  I suspect if you went straight from your pre-baby life into the reality of life with a newborn, there would be even more post-natal depression around than there is now.

Did pregnancy meet your expectations?

Which was harder for you – pregnancy or being a mum?


One response to “Which is tougher – pregnancy or motherhood?

  1. My third pregnancy. I had a 3 & 4 year old to contend with on acreage – no fencing, so I was up and chasing them most of the time – morning sickness was horrid. I’d have to plan what I’d do before getting up – visit the loo quickly, get the list in my head done and then back to bed before I had a wave of nausea hit.
    We watched an awful lot of movies in those first months. It was fun though – I couldn’t watch many kids movies – I’d been a nanny for 12 years, so we watched all the old Aussie films – The Man from Snowy River gave bub his name too!
    After the morning sickness – came the fatigue. Once bub was out though – my energy came back like lightning. The midwives were watching for day 9 – I’d usually crash for a few days and rest. It’s the warning time for PND.
    I think it’s our expectations that bub will just appear and life goes on that is our undoing. We need to declare our space, rest time and ask for help.
    After five pregnancies – and only four making it – it can be a fabulous experience if your expectations aren’t based on glossy magazines.

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