Breaking news – legislation to provide secure future for people with disabilities introduced to Parliament

Some good news today from SBS news

Legislation to establish a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has been introduced to federal parliament.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has taken the first legislative step towards establishing a National Disability Insurance Scheme on parliament’s final sitting day for the year.

Ms Gillard described the National Disability Insurance Scheme Bill 2012 as complex legislation with a simple moral insight at its heart.

“This bill will inscribe in our laws a substantial and enduring reform that will fundamentally change the nature of disability care and support in this nation,” she told parliament on Thursday.

“It will bring an end to the tragedy of services denied or delayed.”

The insurance scheme was ambitious but needed to be, to help more than 400,000 people living with significant and permanent disabilities.

“The nation is being robbed of the human and economic potential of people living with disability and the contribution they can make to our shared future,” Ms Gillard said.

The government intends to send the bill to a Senate committee for detailed consideration.

There will be public consultation on regulations accompanying the scheme.

Regular readers of Working Mums Australia will know I am a strong supporter of this scheme.  I think everyone is better off, and our community much stronger, when we protect those in our community who need a little help.  I organised a morning tea with my mother’s group to show our support.

So today, if you agree with me, will you please call your MP to tell them you support it too?

It’s really important.  Your voice matters.

Thanks so much.



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