Mums driven back to work early

A survey in The Daily Telegraph today says that mums are going back to work early due to financial pressure.

According to the paper, official figures show the average period of leave is 32.4 weeks (between 7  and 8 months) but their survey showed only a third of mums now take 12 months or more leave.

The article by Lisa Power also said:

Most said they resumed work out of financial necessity once paid leave ended, although 62 per cent were not ready to return due to breastfeeding, difficulty sourcing childcare and exhaustion from night-time feeds. More than 80 per cent would have stayed home with their newborn longer if finances allowed, the survey found.

Even though the figures used by the paper and the official figures don’t exactly compare – so both could be right – it is possible mums are taking less leave because of economic pressure.

Most mums I know start thinking about going back at around six months, but it does depend on their workplace, availability of care and the health of the child.  Many of us use lots of holiday leave and any long service leave with our first baby and if you go back part time, there isn’t much of either left for subsequent babies.  So back to work we go.

How old were your babies when you returned to work?


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