Are working mums better workers than other employees?

My old boss ( a woman who at the time wasn’t a mum) used to say working mums make great staff because they are the most efficient people on the planet.

It seems the clever folks at the Huffington Post agree. They’ve published Ten Reasons Why Working Mums Make Kick-Ass Employees

Apparently our creativity, financial acumen and ability to multi-task are in demand, along with time management and negotiation skills.

Unfortunately the perception is all too great that working mums come as a cost to business rather than as an asset.

I completely understand it’s annoying when we have to leave on time or else our kids will be left on the footpath, but there are definitely benefits.

Are working mums good employees?  I know I’m biased but I think so 🙂


3 responses to “Are working mums better workers than other employees?

  1. Lucy Brotherton

    Yes, for sure. The big word is loyalty. I’ve been able to workpart time for 6 years, having had two children while with the department, and i’m still there….if I had to work more I would have left, but they recognise they get an efficient worker and 13 years of corporate knowledge. Oh and we are so predictable about having to take holidays during school holidays, leaving the rest of the (much cheaper) non peak times to everyone else.

  2. Working mums are great. Enthusiastic, highly skilled, intelligent. The fact that they need to squeeze a lot into every day makes them efficient.

  3. I’ve been a working mother of five for the last 20 years. I’m an Area Manager at a large corporation. I’m going to be honest. You cannot put ALL Working mothers into the same pot. Mothers of small children are NOT great workers. You get what is required however and nothing more. There is very little ‘above and beyond’ behaviours and the sick/family leave is considerably higher than most. They are constantly tired and the general chit chat amongst the mums are about their children. I chose to be a working mother for myself. I needed the adult stimulation and self gratification that I can be a successful mother and a successful full-time working woman. I get the complaints, and the ‘Ive got a Migraine call or the ‘oh little Timmy has a fever’ calls. If your going to go back to the workforce ladies, don’t make it your managers problem when the little ones cause conflict with your employment. Either get help, join a babysitting network, or put your kids into daycare. The mums with Older children are GREAT workers. Barely call in sick, NEVER complain, Enthusiastic, Fun and Vibrant women who have the company at the forefront. But my hat comes off the the SINGLE mums raising children and holding a job. They again BARELY call in sick, never complain, take everything in their stride and ALWAYS arrive on time.

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