We know. All mums are working mums. We agree.

In Australia there are lots of blogs covering mum issues, but not “mums who also do paid work outside the home” issues.  This can bring its own set of challenges.

The figures are surprising. More than one in three mums with what the government calls an ‘infant’  – a child under two – has a job.  By the time our youngest child is at school, more than 60% of us are working.

Mums with kids under two work an average of 20 hours a week, but by the time our youngest is 4 or 5, this increases to 25 hours a week.

So, most of us are part time. Many of us wish we worked fewer hours – although a good number of us also wish we worked more hours. Most of us also wish we had more affordable and flexible care for our kids and that our employers understood that being a mum makes it harder to work back late, or change shifts easily.  We also wish they knew that it doesn’t mean we’re less committed to our jobs or don’t work just as hard as other employees.  Our goal here is to try and replicate the conversations we’ve been having over coffee (or would have over coffee if we had more time) about your work, your kids and your life.

We’re not interested in censoring different points of view, but nor are we interested in hosting a site where people are rude to each other when they disagree.

Feel free to use a name other than your real one, but remember that “Miss/Mrs/ Ms Anonymous” has a tendency to use bad manners, so please write as though your name and address were included in your post.

Grab yourself a cuppa and join in the conversation.


This blog is a personal one edited by me, and written by me along with Australian working mums with a point of view to share.  Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to write for us or would like to see us cover a topic for you.

I’d gratefully accept paid advertising, sponsorship, or gifts of any kind. I really love tulips, especially pink ones.  Where any of these are accompanied by commentary for readers, they will be identified as paid or sponsored content. Any material written by me reflects my own opinions. Isn’t it odd that we need to clarify that?

Guest bloggers are also asked to identify potential conflicts of interest and sources of income if relevant to their post.

I was born in Adelaide and live in Sydney.  I’ve worked in politics and I’m a member of the Labor Party. I’m a mum and I’ve worked in business, the not for profit sector and government.  These days I work for a University.    think Modern Family is hilarious and I don’t care for anchovies.

This blog is about being a working mum but these other things may influence my opinions.  I’ll avoid work related stuff, but otherwise there it is.  No apologies for my views – feel free to share yours – but consider them declared.

Kirsten Andrews


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  1. HI Kirsten, I heard you on 3AW this morning. I run a business called hey dee ho music which runs music programs for children up to the age of 5. We are always looking for Mums who would like to work around school hours … if you know anyone who is interested we are in Vic & NSW and would love to talk to them Jenny http://www.heydeehomusic.com.au

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