Blogs we love

One of the best things about blogging is that it opens up a new world of other people’s blogs as you get to know the community.

Some friends of Working Mums Australia like a couple of blogs, but don’t know much about the blogosphere as such, so here are a few suggestions if you want to see what it’s all about.  Once you start to follow a couple of them, you may find others you like or even want to start blogging yourself!  It is all easier than it looks – but if you wanted to start with a Guest Post here get in touch via

We follow most of these blogs via their Facebook, a few on Twitter and some via email –  depending on how often they post and how much we never want to miss a post.  So depending on how you like your social media, check them out and let us know what you think.

Reality Ravings -for those who have reality tv as their guilty pleasure 

Reality Ravings helps even those not into reality TV follow the main controversies so they can know what everyone else is talking about in the staff kitchen.

Planning for Kids

Don’t be intimidated by this one.  Nicole is super organised and probably scary to have in your mother’s group, but her tips on how to get your life together are awesome.


Bianca Wordley first came to prominence in Australia when she wrote this fantastically brave piece about her baby belly.  These days she also does a little blogging at JustB

Styling You

For those working mums who like to look good with a minimal time investment (and isn’t that all of us?) Nikki Parkinson has a great blog to make you feel glamorous, with lots of excellent budget options.

News With Nipples

This one is a bit different from the others, and probably doesn’t count as what they call a ‘mummy blog’. Kim is a journalist who blogs about sexism in the news.

One response to “Blogs we love

  1. So stressful specially when you were working at the same time you need to settle some things for your family. As a single mom of two, I tend to work at home but I’m having a problem on how to juggle work and family at a time. I thank you for this informations. I’m looking forward for more employment oppotunities in Australia that you will share to us. Thanks and keep on posting!

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