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How are the Olympics going to make life easier for working mums?

Did you see the news that there has been a 50% increase in the number of people working flexibly and an increase of 30% in those who are working from home during the Olympics to avoid travel issues?

According to the research, millions of workers will work from home for the first time this month.

Apparently, eight in ten employees say they will work flexibly at some points during the festivities, varying their hours to travel later or earlier than usual.  Four million people will work from home at some stage over the Olympics and a similar number will work flexibly on specific days during that time – with around 1.5 million working from home on any given day.

It is estimated that one in eight companies across London is encouraging or has arranged working from home or flexible working practices for its employees.

As one of the researchers says;

This week we’ve truly become a nation of mobile workers. For huge numbers of people, where they work doesn’t matter if they are productive – and employers have embraced that philosophy. The technology now means that people can be in touch with the office, each other and their clients whenever and wherever they’re located. That trend has really come into its own during the past couple of days and it will last for the next couple of weeks – as the traffic shifts from the transport network to the country’s mobile and broadband networks.

I have just one question.

If Londoners can do this to ensure business runs smoothly during the Olympics, why can’t we all do it to ensure all workers can balance their family responsibilities all of the time?

Here’s hoping business and government’s realise that flexible work is indeed possible and that productivity gets even better when you allow people to work in a way that helps them meet their other responsibilities! There’s no need for this trend to last just the ‘couple of weeks’ that the researchers have predicted.


Is this the best Olympics ad for 2012?

Been watching the Olympics?

If you’re a working mum, you probably fold a load of washing during the ads.

But here’s one worth staying on the couch for, with thanks to blogger and brand strategist  Jamie Dunham at The Lipstick Economy for drawing our attention to it.

As Jamie says in her piece on Marketing to Moms:  An Olympic Task for Proud Sponsor of Moms

P&G has won a gold medal in Olympic advertising to Moms!

Not only has the spot tapped into a human emotion that we all share, but this year’s Olympics has highlighted the amazing stories of Moms like those of Gabby Douglas and Michael Phelps.  The drama and struggle of this year’s games have been lived out in the faces of Moms.  The inspirational stories are highlighted on the P&G YouTube channel which has been viewed a bizillion times.

The researcher asked viewers to rate the Olympics spots on eight criteria, including likeability, relevance, persuasion and watchability. “Hardest Job” rated one of the highest measured by Ace Metrix.

Advertisers often say that great ads work because they have ‘insight’ – an observation about our lives that rings true for the audience.

Do you like this ad?  I have to admit, it made getting up for swimming lessons a bit more appealing!