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Is this the best Olympics ad for 2012?

Been watching the Olympics?

If you’re a working mum, you probably fold a load of washing during the ads.

But here’s one worth staying on the couch for, with thanks to blogger and brand strategist  Jamie Dunham at The Lipstick Economy for drawing our attention to it.

As Jamie says in her piece on Marketing to Moms:  An Olympic Task for Proud Sponsor of Moms

P&G has won a gold medal in Olympic advertising to Moms!

Not only has the spot tapped into a human emotion that we all share, but this year’s Olympics has highlighted the amazing stories of Moms like those of Gabby Douglas and Michael Phelps.  The drama and struggle of this year’s games have been lived out in the faces of Moms.  The inspirational stories are highlighted on the P&G YouTube channel which has been viewed a bizillion times.

The researcher asked viewers to rate the Olympics spots on eight criteria, including likeability, relevance, persuasion and watchability. “Hardest Job” rated one of the highest measured by Ace Metrix.

Advertisers often say that great ads work because they have ‘insight’ – an observation about our lives that rings true for the audience.

Do you like this ad?  I have to admit, it made getting up for swimming lessons a bit more appealing!