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Back to School

This time of year, every piece of junk mail in the letterbox brags about Back to School Savings.

Even though my daughter isn’t yet three, I started wondering about Back To School Costs. It must be difficult to manage –  just after Christmas, you’ve had the kids at home for weeks, those extra expenses.

I asked the two most organized working mums I know about their costs, plans and whether they had any tips. Here’s what they said.

Emma, mum to Amelia (11) and Harrison (9), works four days a week.

I buy both kids a new drink bottle, lunch box, pair of shoes, socks, school hat, stationery items (even though school supply some) and pencil case.

I would spend between $250- $300. Most of this money is on shoes. Harry needs a pair every term and Amelia only once a year.

I buy my shoes generally later in the day as people tend not to be at the shops buying school stuff then.

I start putting the kids to bed earlier about ten days before so it’s not such a shock when school goes back.

I also start them reading to me or themselves before bedtime to get started with a homework routine.

Emma is one of my oldest and dearest friends. You can see why.

Kellie, mum to Kiara (6) and Tia (4) said;

My theory is that we can never be too organised. I have always talked to my girls about our plans, what is coming up etc.

We have calendars in the pantry and toilet that have things we are doing – including going back to school/kindy/work. It should not be a night before surprise!

We are also talking about going to bed earlier to get back into learning mode

We just do what we do! No real reason other than sticking with what is working and changing what is not.

Like I said, the two most organized working mums I know.