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Is a skim cappucino a mummy drink? What’s your caffeinated beverage of choice?

Is a skim cappucino a mummy drink?

Recently, for health reasons, my caffeinated beverage of choice has moved from a skim cappucino to a long black.

I seem to have noticed, and it may just be my perception, that the baristas of Sydney are treating me with a little more respect.  A little eye contact, a cursory nod as they hand over my morning cup of energy.

I wonder what my change means to them?

It made me think – is a skim cappuccino the drink of mums?  Have I been communicating – through no other mechanism than my breakfast order – that I am a mum?

All this time I thought my work clothes, heels and makeup allowed me to shrug off my suburban mum ways and appear, even just during daylight hours, to be a part of the inner city trendiness that is my work community.

Perhaps not.

Have I been uncool all this time?

Have I become more cool by giving up dairy?

What’s your caffeinated beverage of choice?